Focus Group Transcription

Focus interviews or “group depth interviews” are conducted to evaluate responses from a group of interacting individuals, having common interests or issues, often interviews of this nature have 6 or more respondents, and a transcriptionist has to be very skillful to decipher and recognize the voice of each respondent, a high level of accuracy is thus important, and our transcriptionists ensure that transcriptions do measure the level of expectations our clients expect.

All focus group transcription assignments are prepared to the clients specifications; we accept digital files for all focus group transcriptions, respondents do speak out of turn in such group discussions, the sound quality is not of the highest standards since the recordings include the noise created by the shuffling of paper, and respondents coughing etc.

Our experience comes handy in completing the assignment to our clients’ satisfaction because Focus Group Transcription is our specialty! Whether you are a market research company looking for focus group transcription or a graduate student conducting research for your dissertation, we can help you get your interviews into written transcripts.

Because of the complexity involved in transcribing focus groups, the rates are a bit higher than for one-on-one interviews.

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