Highly Accented English Transcription

English is the language of the business world for most of the internal and external communications and publications. It makes sense, therefore, to be able to understand and transcribe highly accented English spoken especially by non-native English speakers

In our experience, we often have to transcribe for global professionals working in many different corporations and businesses.  Our transcriptionists are able to decipher and understand their unique accents and dialects.

We transcribe:

  • African English
  • American English
  • Australian English
  • Cambodian English
  • Chinese English
  • Danish English
  • Indian English 
  • Indonesian English
  • Japanese English
  • Malaysian English
  • Philippines English
  • Scottish English
  • Singaporean English
  • Swedish English
  • Thai English
  • UK English
  • Vietnamese English and more…

Whether the English is highly accented or not, 

Trust NS Transcription Services to do the transcription for you.

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