Human Resource & Disciplinary Interview Transcription

Human Resource Transcription services are used increasingly as the need to take accurate records of grievance and disciplinary meetings becomes more vital. We provide specialise Human Resource Transcription service and are very familiar with HR grievance and disciplinary proceedings.

NS Transcription Services are designed to support your HR staff as much as possible and our cost effective solutions can be tailored to your exact requirements.

When sensitive appraisal interviews or disciplinary hearings cannot be handled by your in-house team, we can offer a fully confidential service. We have years of experience handling sensitive data. We keep all documents with our dedicated team of transcriptionists, ensuring all data protection regulations are met. 

Transcripts compiled from recordings of disciplinary hearings from company will be specifically formatted to function as evidence material through the relevant stages of the disciplinary process.

Verification of transcripts by us for Court processes can also be arranged provided these transcripts are produced from high-quality audio. However, as the transcript is finalised before being sent to the client, further editing of the transcript by the client is not permitted. 

Our services include:

  • Disciplinary and Grievance Interviews, Hearings and Appeals
  • HR and Workplace Investigation
  • Employee Consultation Meetings
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