Interview Transcription

Interview transcription refers to the process of conversion of interview recordings into text form. Interviews are conducted in every sphere of human activity these days, either as a means of evaluation of person/persons or as a means to disseminate information. These interviews require to be transcribed into text form, as that is the format that they are more usable in.

Interview transcription is also our specialty! You can trust our professional transcriptionists to get down in written format exactly what was said. Interview transcription is an extremely broad term that encompasses a wide number of types within it. We have acquired a wide range of experience in the transcription of all of these types of interview. That, along with our irresistible pricing makes us the best option for interview transcribing.

We offer two types of interview transcripts — straight verbatim, which includes every single utterance such as um, uh, et cetera, and cleaned up verbatim, which includes every single word spoken, but leaving out the ums, uhs, et cetera.

Interviews are of varying types, some consisting of just two participants while others having many, almost resembling a discussion. As the number of participants increase, so does the complexity of the interview recordings increase, from the point of view of transcription. Over this, if the recording quality is not the best possible one then the transcriptioning becomes tougher than ever.

That’s when one needs to trust a transcription company that has handled such interview recordings. Our transcriptionists have extensive experience in transcribing such interview recordings. Our team understands that interviews take place to gain insights and every word needs to be listened to and heard and then put into a transcript in the format a client has requested.

A list of the types of interview transcriptions we offer are as follows:

  • one to one interviews
  • multiple participant interviews
  • group discussions
  • marketing based interviews and research
  • focus group interviews
  • industry or market surveys
  • police interviews
  • legal interviews
  • depositions
  • telephone call recordings
  • job interviews
  • business meetings
  • television interviews
  • radio interviews
  • journalist’s interviews
  • press briefings
  • interviews or dictations for books and articles
  • psychological interviews
  • corporate transcriptions
  • corporate quarterly earnings calls
  • dissertations
  • road shows
  • research interviews
  • key note addresses

Contact us if you require a service that is not listed above.

Your transcription needs are in professional hands

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